Claudette Llontop

Polyglot, project manager and cultural traveler. I am passionate about cultural diversity, languages, social dynamics, economic development, music, and a refreshing pint of craft beer. I enjoy doing research on these topics - among a few others - to create narratives, that I am happy to jot down, but that I like bringing to life through image and sound, to spread the word through digital channels. And so, I am also a content creator.

I hope we can meet where your goals and my interests collide, to help you create worthwhile content for your target audiences. Write me to talk about it.

Featured Work

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Blog post: Resourceful

El quechua es un idioma que nos pertenece por herencia, es una parte de nuestra esencia que nos ha sido negada, como producto de muchos años de censura. La buena noticia es que el internet ha contribuido a la democratización del conocimiento.Existen muchos canales independientes de libre acceso, de la enseñanza del quechua en sus diferentes variedades. Además, la pandemia, ha impulsado a algunas entidades públicas a poner el idioma a disposición de la sociedad civil para contribuir a hacer la cu

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

Visual Narratives

I like to discover new forms of engaging audiences through visual narratives, within the various digital platforms.

El Quirquincho was very well received among the account's audience. A simple tale told through art.